Minting Harmoonies NFT On MetaMask

Introduction to Harmoonies

Harmoonies is a generative NFT Project by LoeChii. LoeChii is an amazing artist and she collaborated with friends and Harmony community members to bring this project to life. Harmoonies will mint 10,000 NFTs, all with unique characteristics. Today BrotherONE will guide you on your journey to mint some of your own.

Lead Artist and illustrator — LoeChii

Lead Art Supervisors — LoeChii & Kaija

Technical Supervisor — Tailchakra

Website/Front-end Design — Miss Freya

Marketing /Branding — Miss Freya & GlobeyNFT

Community Management/ Keeper of Peace — Sirsapient

Launch your MetaMask app on your phone and switch to Harmony Network under the “Network” section of MetaMask. This allows us to connect to Harmony projects like Harmoonies.

  • How To Create MetaMask Mobile Wallet: Link
  • How To Add Harmony Network: Link

After you connect to Harmony Mainnet go ahead and select the top left menu button and select “Browser”. In the URL copy and paste the link and go to the page.

Once you go to the Harmoonies webpage you will be greeted with the “minting” page.

On the minting page your MM wallet will auto connect to Harmoonies website. To confirm this connection press on the “Menu” button at the top right hand side. You will see a menu pop up from the right and you will see your wallet address (in ETH format) on top of more sections of the website.

Once you have confirmed your wallet connection we can begin minting Harmoonies! Feel free to get excited now! Select “Mint Harmoonies” on the menu. Note: The minting page is subject to change. Select the amount of Harmoonies you wish to mint. Then press the “Mint” button to begin the minting process.

Once the transaction is complete you will receive your Harmoonies! You can check them out by pressing the “Icon” at the bottom left hand side of the menu side bar.

Here we can add our Freshly Minted NFTs to our MetaMask Wallet under the NFT section! On your Metamask home page select “NFT” and you will need to click on “Add NFT”.

Once you will need to add the Contract Address which is


The Token ID is the number next to “Token ID” on your Harmoonies. Mine was 130. After that click on “Add” and you will see it on your list. Note: This process can also be used for any NFT that you have purchased or received. As long as you have the contact address and token ID.

Once again thank you for using BrotherONE guide to minting Harmoonies NFTs! I hope this guide was able to help you out. If you liked our guide please share it with your friends and family. If you would like to support us please follow us on Twitter @OniiiONE and share your Harmoonies with us! Delegate your $ONE tokens to our Harmony Validator at



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