How To Stake With Brother.FRA On The Findora Mobile Wallet

Table of Context

  1. MetaMask Set Up
  2. Add Findora Network to MM
  3. Kucoin Exchange Setup
  4. Findora Mobile Wallet Setup
  5. $FRA Transfer from MM Into Findora Mobile Wallet
  6. Staking to a Findora Validator
  7. Unstaking from a Validator
  8. Claim Rewards

MetaMask Setup

In this section you can use our MetaMask guide to setup or import your (EMV Compatable) wallet into MetaMask. The reason for using MetaMask is to allow you to transfer your $FRA from exchanges such as Kucoin & (US customers not allowed) into MetaMask. Findora uses Prism (More Info) to transfer your $FRA from EVM Wallets like MetaMask into the Navite Findora Wallet. We highly recommend using a brand new wallet for this step because you will need to use your privet key with Prism in order to initiate the transfer.

Add Findora Network to MM

Once you have MetaMask setup we can add the Findora Network into MetaMask.

  1. Network Name: Findora (IFY this can be any name you want)
  2. RPC URL:
  3. Chain ID: 2152
  4. Symbol: FRA
  5. Block Explorer URL:

Kucoin Exchange Setup

Kucoin is the exchange that we will use to buy and transfer $FRA into our MetaMask. is another exchange but we are located in the US and we cannot use

  1. iOS:
  2. Android:

Findora Mobile Wallet Setup

Now it’s time to setup the Mobile wallet. Use the links below to download the Findora wallet based on your mobile device. We will be using iOS.

  1. Findora iOS:
  2. Findora Android:

$FRA Transfer from MM Into Findora Mobile Wallet

Once you have that information secured. The next part is exporting your MetaMask privet key into Prism so that Prism can send your $FRA tokens to the Findora wallet. WE HIGHLY RECOMEND A NEW WALLET FOR THIS.

Stake to a Findora Validator

Now that your wallet is funded with your $FRA tokens we can go to the “Finance” section again in the Findora wallet and click on “Staking”. From there click on “Stake” to begin looking for Brother.FRA Validator.

Unstaking from a Validator

If you choose to unstake from a validator you will need to go back to the “Staking” menu. Click on the “Unstake” button and select the amount of $FRA you want to unstake and the Validator you wish to unstake from. After that you will need to confirm the transaction and wait 21 days to receive your $FRA back to your account. Note: You will still receive rewards during the 21 day unstaking period.

Claim Rewards

Form claiming rewards you do not have to claim from each validator you stake with. The “Staking” menu will show you how much $FRA tokens are available to be claimed. Simply select the “Claim Rewards” button to enter the amount of tokens you wait to claim and confirm the transaction.

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