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Hello, Brother.FRA here and my name is Kevin M. I am here to help you use the Findora network on mobile to stake with your favorite validator. You will learn how to set up a MetaMask account and use an exchange to buy and transfer your $FRA to MetaMask and into your Findora wallet. From there we will teach you how to stake them and claim your rewards.

Table of Context

  1. MetaMask Set Up
  2. Add Findora Network to MM
  3. Kucoin Exchange Setup
  4. Findora Mobile Wallet Setup
  5. $FRA Transfer from MM Into Findora Mobile Wallet
  6. Staking to a Findora Validator
  7. Unstaking from a Validator
  8. Claim Rewards

MetaMask Setup

In this section you can use our MetaMask guide to setup or import your (EMV Compatable) wallet into MetaMask. The reason for using MetaMask is to allow you to transfer your $FRA from exchanges such as Kucoin & (US customers not allowed) into MetaMask. Findora uses Prism (More Info) to transfer your $FRA from EVM Wallets like MetaMask into the Navite Findora Wallet. We highly recommend using a brand new wallet for this step because you will need to use your privet key with Prism in order to initiate the transfer.

Setup MetaMask Article:

Add Findora Network to MM

Once you have MetaMask setup we can add the Findora Network into MetaMask.

First thing is to open the app and click on the “Wallet” header to open up the Network.

Once you do you will see a screen like the one shown below. Click on “Add a Network” to do just that.

From here you will see some popular EVM networks that you can add to you account. Feel free to explore but where we want to go is to the “Custom Network” section on the top right.

In this section please add the following information into the few Text Boxes below.

  1. Network Name: Findora (IFY this can be any name you want)
  2. RPC URL:
  3. Chain ID: 2152
  4. Symbol: FRA
  5. Block Explorer URL:

When you finish you can confirm it and you will be greeted a confirmation of adding Findora Network into the MetaMask. Read the warnings and if you want to learn more you can follow the links that MetaMask provides you.

Congratulations you now have successfully added Findora Network to your MetaMask. Now that we have this setup we can go and buy some $FRA from exchanges and send them over to our wallet in MetaMask.

Kucoin Exchange Setup

Kucoin is the exchange that we will use to buy and transfer $FRA into our MetaMask. is another exchange but we are located in the US and we cannot use

Download Kucoin

  1. iOS:
  2. Android:

Lets get started and sign up for Kucoin and fund your account with $USDT. $USDT will be placed into your “Main Account” in Kucoin. We will take it step by step. In your main account look for your USDT and click on it to access it.

Once you access the USDT account you can click on “Transfer” to transfer the USDT into the “Trading Account”

Here you will see both “Main Account” & “Trading Account”. Add the amount of USDT that you want to send over to and purchase $FRA tokens.

Approve the transaction and then verify that the USDT is in your “Trading Account”

From here you will select the “Trade” section of the app located at the very bottom. Click on the top left and look for the Trading Pair “FRA/USDT” (Advice click on the words of a trading pair to access that trading pair menu to search for FRA). This section will be confusing but take your time and try to under stand how to trade with Kucoin. Here is a quick YouTube video on how to trade.

I don’t know that YouTuber but if you like his work please Subscribe (YouTube Law). The Type of order we did here was a “Limit” order. Add the price of FRA there. Place the amount of USDT you want to use. Click on “Buy FRA” and confirm the transaction with your Trading code.

You will see the “Limit” order is placed and now you wait until it’s filled. Note: sometimes the price my fluctuate and not execute. which will keep the order open and it can last for hours. If you don’t want to wait I recommend you change order type to “Market” order. It does come with an extra fee for doing so. Now look for FRA in your “Trading Account” and transfer it to your “Main Account”

Confirm your transfer and head over to your “Main Account”. From here we will select your FRA account and start the “Withdraw” process.

Once you open the “Withdraw” menu go and open up you MetaMask app. Copy your address and past it into the wallet address area back into the Kucoin “Withdraw” menu.

After you have the addressed copied you can add the amount of FRA tokens you want to send over and confirm it at the bottom right. Double check to make sure you have the right address in there. I recommend you send a test amount first before you commit to a large transaction.

After a successful transaction you will see your $FRA tokens in your MetaMask. Congratulations you are now half way there!

Findora Mobile Wallet Setup

Now it’s time to setup the Mobile wallet. Use the links below to download the Findora wallet based on your mobile device. We will be using iOS.

  1. Findora iOS:
  2. Findora Android:

When the Findora wallet is ready, open it up and create your new wallet or import your wallet to the app.

Back up your seed phrases into paper. Keep it safe and DO NOT LEAVE IT IN ANY DEVICE. Then we will save your Privet Key in the same fashion. You can also change your wallet name here too.

$FRA Transfer from MM Into Findora Mobile Wallet

Once you have that information secured. The next part is exporting your MetaMask privet key into Prism so that Prism can send your $FRA tokens to the Findora wallet. WE HIGHLY RECOMEND A NEW WALLET FOR THIS.

When you open up MetaMask click at top left bars to open up the side bar menu. Click the “Settings” tab to find the “Security & Privacy” section. Click on “Show Privet Key” and follow the directions. Copy the key and open the Findora app again.

In the Findora app select the “Finance” tab at the bottom of the app and click on “Prism”.

From here you will need to switch the “Native wallet” with “EVM wallet”. Click on the “Select Wallet” and it will ask for the MM Privet Key. Save the private key and “Confirm” the transaction.

Once you have the MM wallet added to Prism go back to the home page and copy your FRA wallet address. You can copy it quickly in the “Receive” section on the home page. Go back to the Prism page and start setting up the MM and FRA wallet transaction. Paste your FRA wallet into the “Native Wallet” section. Select your MM wallet in the “EVM Wallet”. Add the amount of FRA that you want to send and confirm the transaction. Note: We recommend a test transaction first.

In a few minutes you should see the FRA amount show up in your wallet.

Congratulations you have now loaded up your Findora wallet!

Stake to a Findora Validator

Now that your wallet is funded with your $FRA tokens we can go to the “Finance” section again in the Findora wallet and click on “Staking”. From there click on “Stake” to begin looking for Brother.FRA Validator.

When you click on “Select Node” you will see the Validator List. Scroll down to Brother.FRA validator and select it.

Enter the amount of $FRA tokens you wish to stake and click on the “Stake” button to continue. Here you will see a warning about the staking with Findora Validators. Here is a statement directly from the Findora Doxs (Link Here).

By clicking on the “UNSTAKE” button, you unbond your FRA tokens with the validator.

The unbonding period lasts 21 days. FRA that is in the process of being unbonded can not be traded on an exchange or sent to other users.

Your FRA tokens are still eligible for the block rewards and slashing risk during the unbonding period.

After you acknowledged the warning you will need to confirm the transaction.

After your confirmation, wait a few minutes for the transaction to finish and reload the staking menu. You should see your $FRA tokens staked and some additional information.

Unstaking from a Validator

If you choose to unstake from a validator you will need to go back to the “Staking” menu. Click on the “Unstake” button and select the amount of $FRA you want to unstake and the Validator you wish to unstake from. After that you will need to confirm the transaction and wait 21 days to receive your $FRA back to your account. Note: You will still receive rewards during the 21 day unstaking period.

Claim Rewards

Form claiming rewards you do not have to claim from each validator you stake with. The “Staking” menu will show you how much $FRA tokens are available to be claimed. Simply select the “Claim Rewards” button to enter the amount of tokens you wait to claim and confirm the transaction.

Thank you for using our guide on how to stake with Brother.FRA with your Mobile Device. We hope the information presented to you was able to help you out in your journey. If you found it helpful we would appreciate you sharing this guide with everyone. We run the Brother.FRA validator on the Findora network and any feedback is greatly appreciated to make this guide better to help you. If you would like to contact us, our socials will be available below. Thank you so much for you time and we wish you a great day.

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