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Today we will be setting up a MetaMask Wallet. I will be showing you how to import an existing wallet and creating a new one from scratch.

Import Existing Wallet

Launch MM app and select the “Get Started” button. Then select “Import Using Secret Recovery Phrase

Here you will add your recovery phrases at the top. Then add in your password. Once you have entered in all the information needed go ahead and select the “Import” button and “Agree” or “No Thanks” button to finish the Import.

After this you will be taken to the homepage. You will beed to add Harmony mainnet to your Network section of the MM app. To do so you can follow my guide here.

Import Additional Wallet

To add another wallet on to MM App you will need to use a Privet Key. Every wallet you have has a Recovery (Seed) Phrases and Privet Key. Not every wallet app gives you access to both. For example Blits Wallet does not give you your private keys, only recovery phrases. MM does and it is under the “Security & Privacy” section in settings. When you first import you are asked for phrases but when you Import to an existing account you will need to use private keys. On your homepage select you account “Icon” and select “Import an Account” and enter your privet key. Select “Import” after you are done and your account will be imported. When you click on your account icon you can switch between wallets.

Creating New Wallet

Launch MM app and select the “Get Started” button. Then select the “Create A New Wallet

you will be ask to create an account using a password. After you complete it you can enable an additional security feature depending on your device. Check terms of service to continue. Then select “Create Password” button.

From here you will learn about Recovery Phrases that you can used to import an existing wallet (See beginning of guide). You have to save these phrases in a secure location off the grid. After you watch the video and learn more about recovery phrases select the “Start” button.

The next page you will see your Recovery Phrases to write down. Write them in the order you receive them. Select “Continue” when you are done. After theat you can select “Done” to finish the set up.

This will be your Homepage. If you want to add Harmony Mainnet to your wallet you can follow my guide on how to do so here.

This concludes our guide on how to import or create a wallet account for MetaMask. I hope this will be able to help you in your Crypto/Defi journey. If you need any help please contact me on Twitter @OniiiONE, @kevkellius or Telegram share it with family and friends. You can also support me by delegating your $ONE tokens to BrotherONE or delegating Findora tokens $FRA to Brother.FRA

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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