How To Mint On Harmonauts Force With Metamask Mobile

Hey everyone this is BrotherONE Harmony Validator. I’m creating this guide to help you mint some cool Harmonauts! If you would like to know how the tokenomics works please read about it on their website. If you already have Harmony Mainnet Network connected to your Metamask skip this part! Head to “Connect to Harmonauts Force


We will not cover how to import or create your Harmony wallet with the Metamask mobile app. If you wish to know how, please let me know and I can make a separate guide on how to do so. Let’s get started. I will be using iOS and I don’t know how Android will work but I hope it’s the same concept.

Open up your Metamask app to the home page. It should look like this.

Currently the wallet is connected to the Ethereum Mainnet Network (Ik I have to say it this way for my tech savvy peeps out there). Our main goal is to add the Harmony Mainnet to the wallet. At the top left corner click on the triple dash side menu bar (Green circle).

You will be greeted by the menu side bar with a few options available. At this moment ignore everything and select “Settings” (Gear Icon) below.

From here select “Networks” and you will see another menu.

Here you will find all the main RPC native Networks connected to Metamask by default. We are going to be adding the Harmony Mainnet. Look down and you will see the blue “Add Network” button. Before we begin I highly recommend for you to write the information available on the next screenshot below down on a sheet of paper or have a friend read the text aloud to you. If you switch between apps while copying the data down, the app will crash. That means you will have to start over. Try not to leave the app at this point. When you’re ready press the blue button!

Copy all the info and make sure it matches the screenshot correctly or it will cause problems. Here is a reference link you can go to if you want to review the information given from the Official Harmony team Here. Press the blue “Add” when you finish.

After you finish it should automatically switch over to the Harmony Mainnet Network. In the off chance that it doesn’t, follow me here on how to get you there. At the top middle you can see what Network you are on. Press on it (Green Circle) and it will give you a few Network options. Select Harmony Mainnet.

Your home screen should now look like this!

You are now Finished with the first part! Hope that wasn’t too hard.

Connect To Harmonauts Force

Here we will learn how to use the Browser feature to connect to the Harmonauts Force website. Select side Menu bar again highlighted in blue.

Here you will Select “Browser” (World Icon)

From here select the Search bar. It won’t let you add the URL yet but after you click on it you will.

Now type in the URL :

Run the search and you should be on the main website for the Harmonauts Force! Your wallet should automatically be connected and ready to go.

Let’s get to minting Harmonauts! Top right corner press the Menu side bars.

Press the “’Mint!” section!

From here you can add the amount of Harmonauts you want to mint highlighted in green. The current cost to mint is 450 $ONE Tokens. When you confirm the amount of Harmonats you want press on “Mint” button.

You will get this confirmation window! Press on the blue “Confirm” button to execute the transaction.

After you do you will receive two notifications at the bottom of the web page letting you know if the transaction is running correctly. If it does you should get one saying “Transaction Complete

After that you won’t see anything else happens. To view your new Harmonauts you will have to view them in your Vault. Open the right side Menu bar again.

Press “My Harmonauts” to view your new Mints!

You’re Harmony address should be displayed and your newly minted Harmonauts should appear below! Congratulations! You just minted your first Harmonauts!

I hope you were able to find this guide helpful. Please let me know what you think. I look forward to seeing what you get! Follow me on Twitter @OniiiONE. My Harmony Validator is Called BrotherONE! If you have any free $ONE tokens and you wish to stake please visit my website at or stake Directly here at Harmony Staking Dashboard. Thank you for your time!



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