Connect Harmony One Blits Wallet to DaVinci Gallery Guide

Here we will learn how to connect our Harmony One Blits Wallet to DaVinci Gallery. To do this we will have to import our Blits wallet to a PC using a web browser compatible with the Harmony One Wallet Extension. As of the making of this article DaVinci only accepts Harmony One Wallet and Metamask Wallet. We will ONLY cover Blits wallet for today.

List of things you will need before we start.

Installing Harmony One Wallet on Google Chrome by using the this like.

Once it is installed you will be greeted by the following page.

From there you will select “Import” and change the “Select Type” to “Mnemonic”. Keep this page open because we will enter the mnemonic here. For now we will pause and get things ready on our Blits Wallet App on the mobile device. If you already have a Harmony wallet and want to import Blits wallet, you can do so by selecting “Menu” and “Import Account” on the Harmony One Wallet extension.

Launch your Blits Wallet app and on the home page you will select “Settings” at the bottom right hand corner.

From setting you will select “Backup Mnemonic

Then you will copy and store your keys in a safe place where ONLY YOU have access too. We recommend a paper stone notebook.

These mnemonic phrases are what we will use to import our Blits Wallet to the Harmony One wallet on Google Chrome. With the Harmony One Wallet page opened on our PC go ahead and enter your mnemonic phrases to import your wallet.

Once you have entered your mnemonic phrases you will be asked to name your wallet. I named it Blits Wallet Harmony because I use different accounts. Congratulation you have successfully imported your Blits Wallet to Harmony One Wallet!

Go to and connect your Harmony One wallet.

Next select your Blits wallet account. Once it’s connected you will see “Account” to the top right. You can now edit your DaVinci profile and buy NFTs. To view any NFTs that you may own select “Account” and then “My Collection”.

I hope we were able to help you connect your Blits Wallet to DaVinci Gallery. We hope you can enjoy DaVinci Gallery with our guide. Please comment or reach our to me on Twitter for more help @OniiiOne. Thank you so much for you time. Kudos!



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